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Serum 2


Skin that shows deficiencies due to aging. It is a perfect treatment as of 40 years old.

Serum 2 acts as:
Anti-aging: : It reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and minimizes the roughness of the skin. Its low molecular weight contributes to a greater penetration, stimulating the collagen and the elastin in skin.
Moisturizing: It helps improve hydration of facial skin, improving its texture and balancing the production of fat.
Clarifying action: Because of the action of retinol, it softens spots and prevents accelerated formation of new ones.
Cell renewal: It acts as a stimulator of cellular regeneration, reactivating cellular energy and improving the functioning of the cell.


Pure Retinol and Q10 Coenzyme.

How to use

Apply every night by squeezing a dose into the palm of your hand, mix well and spread over face and neckline. Two squeezes are recommended in the case of dry skin.


Dual Serum 30ml.