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Hydroprotective Gel
23 agosto, 2018
Crema despigmentante fotoprotectora día
Crema despigmentante fotoprotectora día
31 enero, 2019
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Biological triple antioxidant night protector


Skins that show deficiencies due to oxidation and devitalized skins.


The antioxidant power of vitamin C is enhanced by its combination with vitamin E and lipoic acid, so that the whole cell is protected against oxidation. CVital serum offers different benefits depending on the type of skin:
Mixed or oily skin: Vitamin C balances the pH and strengthens the defense action of the skin.
Skins with spots and dark circles: They benefit from its depigmenting action.
Dry skin: It provides illumination and vitality, especially if accompanied by lipoic acid.
Aged skins: The photoprotective and antioxidant action of vitamin E in conjunction with vitamin C is enhanced by lipoic acid.


Stable pure vitamin C, lipoic acid and vitamin E.

How to use

One dab on the palm of the serum + two dabs of the fluid, mix evenly and apply.


Serum 15ml + Active Fluid 30ml airless tube (allows to maintain the stability of the products, avoiding their oxidation).


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