Eye Wrinkle Attack is a serum from the Vital Age Retinol line that corrects the visible signs of time: wrinkles, fine lines, irregularities and loss of brightness around the eyes. Like the rest of the products in the range, this serum combines Retinol and Coenzyme Q10 to ensure a visibly rejuvenated face.

Wrinkles appear little by little and reflect an evolution of slow, complex and deep processes that occur both at the level of the epidermis and the dermis. Fine wrinkles can appear due to different external and internal factors, while the so-called "expression lines" appear due to the repeated contraction of the facial muscles. We have about forty small muscles under the skin of the face that contract and relax continuously to reflect our expressions.

Face firmer and smoother When we make expressions, folds appear and disappear depending on facial expression, for example when smiling or showing discontent, the lips or the eyebrows contract, but when the face stops expressing emotions, the face regains its appearance. When the skin aging process begins (between 20-30 years), there is a loss of elasticity of the skin, so that over time the face takes longer to recover its appearance after each muscle contraction. Using Eye Wrinkle Attack helps to attenuate and delay these dreaded expression lines, thanks to its powerful combination of pure Retinol and Q10.

Benefits of the active ingredients

Retinol: powerful cell regeneratorThe Pure Retinol of the Vital Age line penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, thanks to the fact that it is formulated in the form of molecular film that ensures its stability while stimulating collagen and elastin. It also helps fading stains and reduces wrinkles and fine lines, significantly improving the appearance of the outer layer of the skin.

Coenzyme Q10, cellular energy Coenzyme Q10, or ubiquinone, is a nutrient that is present throughout the body and participates in the cellular respiratory chain. This coenzyme has, on the one hand, an important role in the elimination of free radicals and, on the other hand, inhibits collagenase, an enzyme that is responsible for the deterioration of collagen fibers. Another function is to produce energy at the cellular level and be effective against oxidative stress caused by UVA radiation. Q10 is the perfect companion of Retinol since it reinforces its action and effects.